As trained volunteers, members of The Independents have no special legal powers or authority. Our primary goal is the preservation of life. We are ordinary people, trained to observe and report suspicious activity to police, and assist in emergencies through our training in First Aid, CPR, Automated External Defibrillators, Naloxone (used for opiate overdoses), Epinephrine (used for life-threatening allergic reactions), and Fire Safety until EMS arrives. We serve as another set of eyes and ears for our police and emergency services.

Other benefits of our neighbourhood watch include opportunities to:

• Encourage community involvement
• Provide hope and inspiration in our community that people still care.

Here’s just a few more reasons to join:

• Great exercise
• Get to know our community better by speaking with its members and visitors
• A happier, safer community for you, your family and neighbourhood because you care enough to make a difference.

Want to help, but can’t come out?
Contact us via facebook, twitter, e-mail, or telephone and let us know where you want to see a neighbourhood watch.

Have a business you’d like watched after hours? Let us know
(All information is held in the strictest of confidentiality).



Community Involvement  •  Public Safety
Positive Role Modelling