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Live In The Oakville Area And Want To Help Your Community?

Meet The Independents….

We Are A Grassroots, Homegrown, Non-Profit Organization Comprised Of Trained Volunteers Who Give Back To Our Communities With Kindness, Charity, And Good Will. The Independents Is A Fellowship Of Men And Women Who Enjoy Each Other’s Company And Together, Work For A Better Community.

We Work Side By Side With Community Leaders, Neighbourhood Groups, Non-Profit Groups, Schools, As Well As Individuals. Although We Work With So Many Facets Of The Community, We Are Not Allied With Any Group, Political Party, Organization, Or Institution. We Do Not Wish To Engage In Any Controversy. Our Primary Focus Is Camaraderie And A Better Society As A Whole.

Every Member Works Towards:

• A SUPPORTIVE COMMUNITY by strengthening our relationships with other organizations.
• A FRIENDLY COMMUNITY by being positive role models.
• A HEALTHY AND HAPPY COMMUNITY by helping our neighbours and community’s visitors.
• A SAFE COMMUNITY by being an extra pair of eyes and ears on the street for our Emergency Services.

In Addition To Taking Part In Several Fundraisers Throughout The Year, We Are Very Active With A Variety Of Other Initiaves As Well.

There’s Something For Everyone

Why Join Us:

• EXERCISE & CONDITIONING through participation in our activities.
• GET TO KNOW YOUR COMMUNITY BETTER by interacting with your neighbours and community’s visitors.
• NETWORK with new people and contacts you ordinarily may not have had the chance to meet.
• LEARN NEW SKILLS through our numerous projects.
• IMPROVE YOUR PEOPLE AND SERVICE SKILLS by interacting with everyone you will meet.
• A HAPPIER, SAFER COMMUNITY for you, your family and neighbourhood because you cared enough to make a difference.

We Are Actively Recruiting Volunteers. There Is No Cost For Training, Equipment, Or Membership Fees Of Any Kind. The Only One Time Out Of Pocket Cost That A Volunteer Must Pay Is For A Police Check Which Goes Directly To The Halton Regional Police Service. You Can Get Transferable Job Skills And Experience In Your Community That Will Last You A Lifetime While Beefing Up Your Resume.

Help Us Help The Community. If You See Us, Say “Hi”; We’re Here To Help.

Be Original • Make A Difference
Keep Oakville Safe And Beautiful
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Community Involvement  •  Public Safety
Positive Role Modelling